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AquaMelan, Water with melanin, 18.9 l

40500 uah

Water with melanin

Still water AquaMelan (AquaMelan) is a rich source of useful components for your body. It can not only quench your thirst and replenish your water-salt balance, but also enrich the body with useful microelements for improved efficiency.

The main difference between non-carbonated AquaMelan water and other species in this category is the presence in the composition melanin. This component is very useful as it has an antioxidant effect and is able to provide a natural detox function. Natural, because melanin is initially present in the body, but is washed out over time, so its presence must be actively replenished. In addition, drinking water with melanin helps to restore the body's strength during increased physical and mental activity, improves metabolism, and helps to cleanse the body at the cellular level. For water, a water-soluble form of phytomelanin is used, which is obtained according to a unique patented method from two sources: the chaga mushroom and Nadsoniella Nigra - black yeast, the only surviving living organisms in the harsh climatic conditions of Antarctica.

AquaMelan Still Water in a sturdy 18.9 L polycarbonate container is a great choice for daily drinking!

Melanin-infused water has been proven to help regulate blood sugar.

* The specified price is valid when ordering from two or more bottles of water in a container of 18.9 liters.
* When ordering one bottle of water in a container of 18.9 liters price 415,00 UAH.
Quantity Price Saving
From 1 pcs. 41500 uah/pcs. ---
From 2 pcs. 40500 uah/pcs. From 1000 uah/pcs.
From 6 pcs. 37500 uah/pcs. From 4000 uah/pcs.
From 11 pcs. 36500 uah/pcs. From 5000 uah/pcs.
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